Tosa East Class of '77
25 Year Reunion
Peck Welcome Center

(Click here to see photos from Benno's.)

   Below are photos, courtesy of Geoff Norris and Kathy Brown-Miner, from the 25 Year Reunion get together Saturday evening, September 21st, 2002 at the Peck Welcome Center.

   You may also follow this link to see photos from Friday evening's gathering, September 20th, 2002 Marty Weigel's bar, courtesy of Jerry Konkel.

   Thanks to Geoff, Jerry and Kathy. If you have photos from this or other reunions, we'd be appreciative if you'd contact us. Thank you.

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Click here to see Friday night's photos from the gathering at Marty Weigel's bar.

     Thank you for checking out the photos from the 25th Reunion.

     And a very special thanks to all of you who made it to the 25th Reunion. The feedback has been incredibly positive and the photos show a glimpse of the fun.

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