Tosa East Class of '77
Missing Classmates

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer in locating our classmates.

   Your reunion committee members are working hard to keep an update classmate list so we can stay in touch. Please contact us should you have contact information for the following classmates:

Christine Anderson Mischker

Patricia Anderson Spencer

Sylvia Bajic Bartel

Michael Bassett

Christopher Beck

James Bender

Donald Benson

Susan Beverly

Robert Beyer

Jeffrey Bishop

Mark Brunner

Stuart Buchmann

Scott Callahan

Richard Carter

Jay Cartrell

Elizabeth Cayo

Robyn Charles

Theresa Collier

Mary Jo Cooper

Mary Day Friday

Sara Davis Longley

Steven DiCostanzo

Jeff Dougherty

Colleen Dwyer

Alan Erdmann

Darlyn Frye Scotfish

Robert Grayson

Edith Gretenhardt

William Grittinger

Matthew Guetz

Laurie Gusho

Wendy Haberman Bartell

Patricia (Patti) Hansen

Kathleen Held

Susanna Held

Marilyn Hidde

Peter Horan

Jill Jacobson

Julie Jaenslen

Jodi Janesko Musolf

David Johnson

Russell Johnson

David Johnston

Brian Kasik

Duncan Kivell

Roxanne Kivell Gebhard

Lori Klibowitz Mantych

Mary Klobucar

Alan Krause

David LaFleur

Kathleen Lange

Lauren Langsford

Heidi Lawien

Jeffrey Lewis

Ruth Lucey Lewandowski

Jeffrey Maas

Susan Majewski

Lisa Maniaci Sasse

Ronald Marshall

Linda McCullough Calaway

Joan McKee

Beverly McWilliams

Gregory Mitton

Cheryl Montani Ireland

Guy Moyer

Gerald P Nagel

James O'Connor

Julie Pearl

Denise Peternel Whittaker

Thomas Peterson

Judy Pokwinski Halloran

Marc Post

Teresa Prey Peters

Randel Reinders

Kathy Rheingans

Yasemin Sariata

Tim Scheuer

Sarah Schilling

Diane Schlenvogt Czarniak

Susan Schmidt

John Schmitz

James Schroeder

Jane Sermersheim Pace

Heather Shelton Parks

Craig Sherry

Carolyn Shore

Scott Standard

Clay Steinmann

Dean Sternke

Michael Susnik

James Swanson

Jean Trad Walker

Cathy Treuden Butcher

Mary Walders Van der Heide

Daniel Walk

Vicky Waterman Szczepanski

Thomas Watson

Elizabeth Weiss

Richard Welsh

Stephen Wember

Kenneth White

Bruce Williams

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